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Bypass SMS verifications from Paypal, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, 3D Secure, and many others... using a Discord Bot or the private API.

It's really simple. Imagine that your friend got a Snapchat account, you try to reset his password using the sms system:

he's gonna receive the sms confirmation code.
Then, you use the bot (!call 33612345678 snapchat). The bot is gonna call him, using the snapchat service, ask for the code received. If he send the code using the numpad, then your gonna receive the code and be able to reset the password. It's like an automatic system for SE.

The API requests availables & working :

/call with POST DATA :

to: theClientPhoneNumber
user: theUser
service: theUsedService
name: theNameOfTheUser
password: yourApiPassword
/get with POST DATA :

callSid: theCallSid
password: yourApiPassword
/stream/service with GET DATA :

service: theServiceNameYouWannaUse
/voice/password with POST DATA :

password: yourApiPassword
callSid: theCallSid
Digits: theDigitsEnteredByTheUSer (not required)
Bot Commands
All the Admin commands :

!user add @user : allow someone to use the bot & the calls
!user delete @user : remove someone or an admin from the bot
!user info @user : get infos from a user
!user setadmin @user : set a user to admin
All the Users commands :

!secret yoursecretpassword @user : set a user to admin without been admin
!call phonenumber service or for example !call 33612345678 paypal : call the phonenumber using the bot and get the sms code
The differents call services supported :

Default : work for all the systems
Banque : bypass 3D Secure
How it works ?
When you do a !call 3312345678 paypal, the Discord Bot sends a post request to our private api, who is gonna save the call into our sqlite DB and send the call to our twilio API.
The Twilio API use our /status route to know what to do in the call, the status route returns TwiML code to Twilio.
The /status route returns the self hosted service song using the /stream/service route.
If the user enter the digit code using the numpad, the song stops, it thanks him for the code, and end the call.
The /status route send the code to your discord channel using a webhook.
Node.js & NPM from the last version.
git installed (not necessarily)
Open ports
A twilio account
A discord account (if you use the bot)
Install the API
Download the API Files from the********* ( This link for paid users only )

Go to our API folder

cd /SMSBotBypass/api/

Install the dependencies

npm i

Start the api, wait 15s, and then, stop it

npm start

Modify the config.js file

Add your twilio AccountSid & AuthToken
Your twilio caller id
Your actual IP to run the web server
Open the port 1337

To check if everything works fine, I did a full test system. If your Twilio account is not upgrade, before the test, go to the /test/call.js file and modify the phone number line 122 with your phone numer.

npm test

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