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Do you want own SatoshiDisk?

We can sell, install, update, and support your first time after the start. You will not be alone!
Just imagine color scheme, logotype, and start earning!

Economic part:

We set 5% of the profit. It's enough for us but you can change fees as you wish in the admin panel. We add our profit above to seller's price. Buyers pay. It's not a big amount, most sharing sites have more expensive prices.

Marketing part:

Think about your customers - who they are?! Where you will gain leads? How much space do they need? Maybe enough small text file with login/passwords or they want to store full HD video. Our customers usually sell small size scripts and files less than 1Mb. We set the 50Mb limit for a file to prevent video uploads. You can change this parameter.
Is it convenient to use prices in USD or BTC only? We use both options.

Technical part:

Requirements: PHP 7+, MySQL, enough space, the email account for notifications. SSL certificate highly recommended.
First-year Satoshidisk was deployed on cheap $5 with 30Gb disk space. Now, we are quite bigger.

Buy it now!

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Price: 0.1 BTC



Included in the price: installation, setup, and 3 weeks support of you.
We will immediately get payment notification and will wait for your email. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions [email protected]